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Hi Beauties! What have you done with your eyelashes? Are they false? Well they are not false, the truth is that I have been using Neulash’s eyelashes for some time and today I wanted to share with you my secret. I’ve always had long eyelashes, but for some time now I’ve fallen a lot and I’ve seen them super weak, and I needed something that will strengthen them to make them back again.

I recognize that I started using Neulash’s eyelash serum without high expectations. Each night, as if it were an eyeliner, it applied to the upper lashes. My first impression is that it is a very respectful product with eyes, does not irritate and has no side effects, and that is great because this area is very delicate.

At 3 weeks I started to notice the change with Neulash, the lashes gain firmness, thickness and length. The change was radical, I do not know if you knew this product but for me it was all a discovery. Have you tried it? Many kisses. A chic kiss;)

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