The trend that is causing furor in Instagram

It is one of the trends of the moment that is exploding in all social networks, and is that the twinning or the tendency to dress like your son, a friend or your partner is everywhere, a trend that you can see especially in Instagram, music festivals and international fashion weeks. But really … What does twinning mean? the word twinning comes from the English twin and it is about dressing the same as someone regardless of gender. Something that we had normally avoided all our lives and that could even become a nightmare hahaha, do you realize how everything changes? For now it is a fun and trendy way to dress, a trend that promises to stay and has even reached the celebrities and celebrities who have already materialized this way of dressing in their daily outfits.


Couple twinning and the keys to dress as your son or partner

As you can see in our look today, Martin baby chic and I dress the same with the same sweatshirt and shirt from the firm Bopyo. In this case we wear the same garment model, but we could also choose the same garment model in a different color, the key is that it is the same garment, and you wear it in the same tones much better. a clear example of twinning would be this that you can find here, this photo is from a year ago and Martin and I wore a denim shirt in the same tone and jeans, is not it super cool? . Well I encourage you to do twinning with your children (or godchildren as is my case), your partners, or your friends. I always leave the direct links to the garments at the end of the blog, I hope you like this post about current trends, as a curious fact to say that in Japanese they call it Keo Peul Look or matching couple Happy day! A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

Photos by Cloé


sudadera adulto: bopyo 

camiseta adulto : bopyo

sudadera niño:bopyo

camiseta niño: bopyo


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