Revamp your looks with these cool pieces from Amiclubwear 


Hi my beautiful people !! Summer is ending  and it’s that time of year when the novelty of whimsical dresses and sandals has worn off and the prospect of booties and layering is beyond thrilling – but have you ever considered that the turn of a new season is actually also the perfect excuse to mix up different trends and create new ideas.

We could find an excuse to do that anywhere… i think we have to take our imagination to next level to create different looks.

Whether you’re looking for a classic style, bandage dresses , glamorous boots and whatever, Amiclubwear is the best site to find it . Autumn provides the perfect conditions for a little experimentation when it comes to style, it’s that time of the year to renovate the wardrobe.

Not too hot to be lugging about something oversized, or too cold to be toting anything with ice-cold fingers that need to be stuffed in pockets, it’s a great time to go slightly rogue and plump for something you wouldn’t tend to dare.


Scroll down to see (and shop!) my best selection for the season…



You will rock this fall with Amiclubwear new clothing


 I recommend that always wear that clothing which makes you feel comfy and stylish at the same time. I love Amiclubwear dresses cause their designs are super cute and trendy and i really love that they are very similar to the dresses of the actresses and celebrities that i follow like the Kardashian’s sisters, Sélena Gómez or the influencers and instagramers of the moment. 

The season’s biggest trends? i always find all on Ami! I hope you like today’s post. I see you in the next post. I have many news and cool projects to tell you, please stay tuned to to know all first hand. A very special travel is going to happen in the next months, i always dream to travel there and i think i’m still dreaming, i’ts going to be epic babes! 


I really love the new summer clothing from Amiclubwear, i think they have plenty of options from daily life looks to special or party occasions. I hope you like today’s post and find some inspiration.  My beautiful people stay tuned, soon you will get more news and cool projects that are coming in the following months .A chic kiss 😉 by Amanda chic .



Photos by Asun


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