Hi my loves!! Today I bring you a post about antioxidants, those molecules which containing some foods that help us not to grow old and to look better and enjoy better health. I want to share with you my experience because since I have improved my diet, I have also noticed an improvement in the appearance of my skin, antioxidants help slow aging skin and to achieve a better quality of life.  

Some foods rich in antioxidants are fruits, vegetables and nuts. One of the last of additions to my meals is turmeric, which has a lot of properties, including you rejuvenating, is also a spice that puts a delicious flavor to any meal.

The addicted to black chocolate we’re lucky, because this food is extremely high in antioxidants, it improves metabolism and helps reduce stress levels, also improving our mood. The key is a portion of four squares (40g) or two tablespoons. Green tea is high in antioxidants, lowers cholesterol and increases metabolism.

I’m a fan of tea and green tea and red are two of my favorites. They can be taken both in winter and in summer cold.

Nuts such as almonds or walnuts, are ideal for maintaining a smooth and less skin imperfections. Its high content of vitamins A, E and F, with great antioxidant effects and antiageing.

  By this what I mean is that with a healthy and balanced diet can achieve a healthy and beautiful skin, and help slow aging, do not forget to drink water and sleep about 8 hours a day whenever your schedule you what allow. Good beauties! See you at the next beauty post. Biquiños by Amanda Chic

A chic kiss;)

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