body camp

body camp


If you dream of combining fitness with a luxury vacation, then look no further than this list. These vacations provide the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the world or travel with your best friend or significant other, and experience unique fitness retreats to help you get into shape and stay active.  A couple of  weeks ago i travelled to Mallorca to the Body camp Mallorca.

This trips was the most amazing i’ve ever been cause i meet a lot of beautiful people for all over the world.This fitness heaven offer an array of health programs, classes and activities in stunning destinations like Ibiza, uk or Mallorca when i attend it,  and  i have the ability to transform my life, shape and mindset. Plan a getaway that will inspire you to stay healthy long after the trip is over.

Holistic fun, all in full emersion training, health & fitness camp, lifestyle transformations and plantbased food.

If you’ve ever gone on vacation to hike, surf, practice yoga or immerse in nature, then you’ve experienced wellness travel. The programs below have put together incredible programs in gorgeous  locations with health professionals and other like-minded people to help you create a sustainable lifestyle for the mind, body, and spirit.

People are looking to detox on holiday, not to destroy their livers in the process. People are looking for ways to get away from the stress, not deplete their adrenals faster than their bank account.

I feel very well after this experience and i think will love to repeat soon cause the team was amazing!!


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