Hello beauty people !! today I want to talk you about  one of the latest trend in food: the Superfoods  and raw food, they ae super nutritious natural foods that give our body a high content of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. I

recently discovered Natural mojo, which has perfect super-natural products for drinking before or after training, and thus regain strength. I also love the taste, it is delicious and is one of those super foods that satiate to keep hunger  and stop it 😉 Two of the products I’ve tried from this brand are the Berry pack boost with the benefits I noticed especially in the skin and Pure Detox, which is perfect to eliminate toxins and help care line. And you might be wondering How do you take? as there are plenty of possibilities, depending on the day, I mix it with water and I drink, or also mixed with yogurt or a homemade cake that usually do for breakfast, but also lately I have mixed with my recipe for pancakes. I totally recommend Natural Mojo to those you who are thinking of taking a healthy lifestyle and introduce 100% natural superfoods, you can find more info on their web I send you a big kiss Happy day! By Amanda Chic. A chic kiss;)

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