The Spiaggia was born in Barcelona of the search for an ideal. A makeup capable of offering an effective treatment to the skin. And a comfortable, natural and light finish like no other. The spiaggia does not stain, provides a natural look and stands out for its unique texture in the market. In addition to its three different shades of makeup that evoke the sand colors of the best beaches in the world to create the desired effects on each skin: Goa in India, Hyams in Australia, Ke’e and Punalú’u in Hawaii …,

The cosmetic brand has a Corrector Illuminator and Skin Optimizer. A quality brand to achieve a natural look, with a line drawn from the most sophisticated raw materials and through the most advanced technology to ally itself with those who believe that authentic beauty is the one that transmits the best of oneself: its naturalness . To know more about the firm or buy their products, go to their website

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