Hi my loves! Some time ago I read an interview of Los Angeles stylist, who said the importance of sleep, not only in our daily routine, but also in our skin. Resting well is important to perform at work and to be in a good mood. So today I want to give you some of my tips or tips on how to sleep better:

I think that light dinner is one of the best advice I can give you, when dinner is very heavy it’s hard t to fall asleep. But certainly among all the tips that are usually given as: practising sport, yoga, or care for food (very important part). Recently I discovered that silk in addition to improving the skin, and protect the hair, self-regulate the temperature and promote relaxation of the central nervous system, I love these duvets silk Mulberry silk sheets beddigng direct you can find here, I think Sleeping with silk bedding so soft and light, it produces a relaxing effect and I soon fall asleep. Have you ever tried it? If not, I recommend it.

I hope you good hacks on today’s post. See you in the next post with more tips and tips that make life easier and easier. You know that sharing is living. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

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