Hello my beauty, it’s been over two years since I told you about one of my beauty tricks best kept silk Shhh silk covers that are perfect for skin care and hair, you know that cotton causes split ends and the breakage of the hair, besides the silk keeps the skin cool and cold during the night facilitating the body the release of anti-aging melatonin.

The truth is that I’ve been sleeping with them for a while and I’ve noticed all their benefits and the difference between sleeping with a cotton cover and sleeping with a silk Shhh silk cover. The best of all is that they have a lot of designs to fit perfectly with your decor, today I show you the new multicolor model, which I think is perfect to fill with life the decoration of any room. I invite you to visit their website and find out more about my new beauty secret https://www.shhhsilk.com/. A kiss by Amanda Chic.

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