When renting a car, it’s important to check it thoroughly. Many people don’t do this and are simply eager

to get in the vehicle and start exploring Norway on wheels. But by skipping the inspection, you risk being

charged with high fees for damage you didn’t do and a failure you didn’t cause. Even worse – you risk

driving an unsafe vehicle.

Reputable rental companies do frequent checkups on their fleets. By checking

leiebil i Kristansand

, you’ll

see that most car hires in Kristiansand have relatively new vehicles (not older than five years). They are

usually in good condition, but you wouldn’t mind seeing them yourself.

While the rental agent will be happy to answer your questions, it’s also important to be prepared. Know

where to look at and what possible warning signs mean. If it’s dark outside, use a flashlight. You should

also note any damages, as it’s better to waste some time on these than risk having an accident or


If you’re renting a car, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting one that will keep you safe. It’s important

to check the vehicle before driving it off to ensure a safe and reliable ride. So it’s essential to make sure

everything works and that the tires are in good condition.

Drive around the parking lot and check for warning lights on a dashboard. If you notice a problem, make

sure you report it right away. If you’re not in a hurry, providers can suggest repair at certified mechanics

(they’ll pay for it, of course). Another option is a replacement vehicle.

If the rental car is a beater, it’s probably a high-mileage vehicle that has been driven thousands of miles

and has had major issues. These four-wheelers tend to overheat and don’t run smoothly despite their

relatively young age. If you accept that vehicle, you could end up spending thousands of dollars trying to

repair the damage that was out of your control.

Another reason to check a rental car before driving it off is to ensure that it meets your expectations. If

you don’t like the model you book, you can ask for a replacement. After all, you can’t get a real

impression when you book it online. So don’t be afraid to tell the rental company you’d prefer another


Avoid Additional Fees

The next reason to check a rental car before driving it off is to avoid damage fees. Rental companies in

Kristiansand will inspect a vehicle before you pick it up and after dropping it off. That way, they know

whether you should be charged additionally, for example, for a car cleaning if you left it messy.

If you think it’s necessary, you can insist on an additional car check. If you notice any damage before

leaving, you can ask the rental company to fix it or give you another vehicle. In any case, you should be

patient enough to inspect the car before leaving the lot and polite when asking for a new one.

The following website explains some reasons when to ask for a replacement rental vehicle:





Avoid Fines

Driving conditions in Norway can be very challenging given the changing weather roads. That is why you

need a reliable car with all the necessary equipment. Don’t go on the road if you do not have winter or

studded tires and correct lights (especially during the winter season).

Companies usually provide you with these and the necessary spare parts for possible failures along the

way. It means all the vehicles should have accessories such as fluoro-vests, headlamps, and warning

triangles. It’s also wise to check the license plate tags and ensure that the car has the necessary papers.

You need all that for safe driving and to avoid traffic fines, which are quite high in Norway, as seen



Norwegian police can fine or even exclude you from traffic if your signaling is faulty or you drive without

winter tires. That can ruin your vacation and be a significant impact on your budget.

When renting a car in Kristiansand or globally, the rule is to return it to the agency in clean and good

condition. That is why it is advisable to drive it responsibly and treat it as a personal vehicle. That will

spare you from extra costs and responsibilities.

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