Photos by Cloé

Coat : Rains , tshirt : concrete humanity


Hi my chics !! Long ago I wanted to show you a post like today, with three stylish, sophisticated proposals and at the same time comfortable for a day of cold and rain, to be able to walk without the weather being a problem. The Danish firm Rains specializes in rainwear with some designs and spectacular prints that make the difference, I love the fabrics because they are super light and give an extra comfort. As you can see, fashion is progressing every day, adapting to our lifestyle and our climate, and thus companies like Rains, which have a line of waterproof clothing, bags and accessories for those rainy days, have you noticed how pretty their hoods are? It does not surprise me at all that it is a rain mark of reference at an international level. What do you think about my proposal? I hope you like a super kiss. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

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