Hi Chics !!! My post today is dedicated to all my chic who want to feel attractive, sexy and feminine with good panties. One of the latest innovations in the market, is this monthly stocking box, called Pretty Pins, that every month brings you a wide range of socks of different styles with a touch of silk. Pretty pins is an Australian firm, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by both its quality and design.

Personally I must confess that finding a low-cut legless stocking has always been a complicated task, and when I opened the box for the first time I thought: And it has been incredible, I was pleasantly surprised that they do not have shine and it adapts perfectly to the color of the leg, so that it seems that you do not wear anything.

  I hope you liked it, I leave the link in case you’re excited to try them https://www.prettypins.com.au/ .A chic kiss;) By Amanda CHic


One thought on “Pretty pins Stocking

  1. shamuboo
    27 de December de 2016

    These look like quality and very pretty. You are always so sexy in stockings. And hey as long as your hand is in there would you do me a favor? 😉

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