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Hello Beauties !! Today, a beauty post where I would like to tell you about  Dhyvana, a natural organic cosmetic brand that I recently discovered, and having products free of harmful chemicals that help detoxify and decongest the skin, perfect for keeping your skin clean and healthy, moisturizing and preventing aging and oxidation.

Dhyvana has the perfect beauty ritual that I will tell you :

If you have oily skin like me, certainly one of your essential can be your soap papaya and ginger, it’s super soft, clean and moisturizes the skin at the same time, it is perfect for cleaning or to remove makeup in one step. Best of all is that there is nothing that dry  your skin and it can be used daily. You’ll notice that your pores are cleaner, and all subsequent treatments creams or soap penetrate faster and deeper,I think is super important.

 After cleaning, your honey and lemon scrub that removes dead skin while calm and not let you rojeces, (which many exfoliants do), the skin is perfectly nourished. And to finish a treatment for our skin, after this very deep cleansing cream with wild mallow with Vitamin E that prevents aging.

 And that’s all for today! See you on my next beauty post. Kisses !! By Amanda Chic

A chic kiss;)

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