Missing Johnny is a young, trendy and artistic Spanish collection. It is inspired by art, literature, cinema, theatre and music. The brand’s prime objective is searching for different textures, shapes and colors, and turning them into exciting compositions. Missing Johnny offers women urban styles with a high deal of imagination. The designs join together the daily and the artistic worlds: harmonious compositions of textures, details and color.


The brand  offers women urban and contemporary designs with a lot of imagination. Its creations combine the everyday world and the art world in harmonious compositions of textures, details and color.

Missing Johnny born in Valladolid, with a light-hearted and fun design, with original prints urban .Clothes, whose strength dresses, but skirts, shirts, sweatshirts, feathers … and where color dominates a brand vitalista that transmits joy and good feeling.

Missing Johnny and currently sells in over 25 countries, with more than 700 shops, being also available at its online store.



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