Mini Cocotte : Staub

Hi Chics! Today I leave you a video and some photos where I show you a new the mini Cocotte cherry heart of Staub, I love it !! Have a very nice heart shape to present a dessert on these special dates that are about to arrive or … who knows? Maybe a romantic dinner? 😉

These mini cocottes can be used in the oven or microwave. They are ideal to serve in individual rations. December 8th is my birthday and I want to prepare a very special meal to enjoy with my people, so I think I already have ideas for dessert, I will probably bake some small pies or soufflés. I think they are super practical, and the best thing is that the Cocotte is  very easy to clean. The truth is that Staub pleasantly surprises me with this type of stuff.

These Christmas are going to be super special with my little baby Martin, my godson, who is coming soon, and the Mini Cocotte heart, will be the star of all my desserts. What do you think about it? Thousands of kisses !! Un besazo, by Amanda CHic. A chic kiss;)

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