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Top: L’urv sportwear, pantalón : karma athletics

Who has said that fashion and sports are at odds? You can splurge style while doing sports, fortunately there are signatures with a great quality and an incredible design to train comfortable and chic. Today I show you these leggings of Karma Athletics, to get in shape while you go to the last, if you do not know what to wear you take a look at their website have a lot of incredible models, I like because they are garments with a sophisticated design and at the same time comfortables Allow freedom of movement.

With spring around the corner surely many have signed up to the gym or to practice some kind of sport. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic



2 thoughts on “Looks to work out at the gym : Karma Athletics

  1. Karma Athletics
    15 de February de 2017

    Love this! ? You make the tights look good. ?

  2. Hanna Koheler
    15 de February de 2017

    You are fabulous!!! The meshes are beautiful.

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