Hello my beauties !! Exfoliate the skin is one of the most beneficial beauty rituals for our skin. With the peel, remove dead skin cells that accumulate on the face and body, helping to keep our skin clean and bright. It is not easy to find an exfoliant tool that will not irritate the skin, so today I want to talk you about Le edge exfoliants for the face and body that I’ve been testing and are fantastic !.

 Le Edge stimulates  the collagen skin, improving  the blood circulation. It is much more effective than other exfoliants, because it leaves skin super hydrated with a radiant and healthy aspect. Is practical so what you can take it everywhere and make the process simple and super comfortable, and you can use it in such sensitive areas as the skin of the face, rather than with other exfoliants is impossible, because I end up leaving the skin redness and very irritated. I hope you liked my beauty tip today. I send you a big kiss Super, thanks for being there every day. by Amanda Chic, A chic kiss;)


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