Hi my chics !! Today I want to talk about Japan Candy box, a monthly subscription box of Japanese sweets, I leave here the link in case you are interested to acquire it or take a look http://www.japancandybox.com

Here’s what came in the February box:

– Heart Gudetama Puddin diy kit 2: a kit to make a pudding yourself, it’s a lot of fun

– Nobel super mario gummies: Mario jelly beans

– Meito Puku Puku Tai Fish Chocolate Wafer: a fish-shaped cookie with chocolate and cream

-Nissing Crisp Stratberry Little delicious chocolate chips

– Kanro Pure Mini Gummies, miniature jelly beans

-Marukawa Doraemon Grape Gum, doraemon-shaped jelly beans

– Rilakkuma Rice Crackers: Delicious Rice Chips

-Yaokin Umaibo Teriyaki burger snack: a snack bar super spicy, there is in a lot of flavors, in my case I touch the box with the teriyaki flavor

-Eiwa Calpis Marshmallows: a cloud with gelatin inside with a super intense flavor.

-Meiji Mini Candy box: a chocolate-filled strawberry and strawberry.


And that’s all my chics today, I love discovering a little more of the countries through their people, their culture, their customs, or as in this case discover Japan through their sweets. See you at the next yummy post. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

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