As you can see we have new section in Amanda Chic “Baby Chic” and this is cause Amanda Chic team is growing, and in a few months we  will Martin the baby  of Vandalesa and my godson, so we have decided to open a new section dedicated to the care of the kids in the house, where new products, trends and innovations for all the kings and queens of the house you will find it here, in this section 🙂

While most kids are more obvious it is that we must care for your skin with good products, since the baby’s skin is very delicate and deserves all the care and attention to protect and be well. To achieve this today I want to recommend a brand of natural cosmetics for babies and children which have recently met and that we love,  this brand is called Carelia

Carelia has essential cosmetics high tolerance, free from toxic and addictive unnecessary, take care of the sensitive skin of babies in a delicate way with great care. This company works closely with expert dermatologists, for babies and children, so it is a brand in which we  trust. Today two little things I show you the babies brush and the babies colony that smells delicious and is very smooth (there are some colonies for baby that i really  bored and this at all, it is not boring).

So for all  future moms or moms I recommend  skin care brand for the kids . And from here I want to send a message to my godson who  is coming: Martin look forward to see you and share many moments with you. p.d .: I love you madly Madrina. Kisses by Amanda CHIC. A chic kiss;)

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