Hello my beauties !! A new post of this curious beauty that loves to know the latest news in the market. Today a German firm: Apricot, which has super innovative products, these pads that have an immediate lifting effect and make your skin improves its appearance and look more luminous.

It seems that Apricot is the treatment that many celebrities in Germany have resorted to, which is nothing more than self-adhesive pads that improve the skin immediately. In addition some such as the neck and décolleté last 30 to 60 days, since they are silicone and refusable, you can easily clean them under the tap and reuse as many times as you want. Also another thing I love about this product is that I can use it while I sleep, or while I order the house for an hour I leave them, so I take my time, I put them and I forget 🙂

I have tried Apricot:

– Eyelid Tapes: For the expression marks under the eyes, they leave the skin radiant. I use them before a shooting or an important meeting

 – Apricot skin facial patches: these are for the face, the results are visible with a couple of applications, they eliminate wrinkles or expression marks and leaves the facial muscles super relaxed.

 – The silicone sponge I love because it is perfect to apply the base of makeup, leaves the skin much more natural, the result is spectacular and you use much more than with a normal sponge with which in the end you will waste much of the makeup . Besides the clean under the water with ease, I find it much more hygienic.

 – Silicon care neck pad: the result is spectacular. Let’s not forget the neck skin that we always miss.

– Silicone care neckline cleavage: I love it leaves the skin of the neckline super smooth. Highly recommend! And more now in summer with the sun we must take special care of this area to look beautiful and hydrated.

I leave you the Apricot link for those who want to take a look https://www.apricot-shop.com/ And that’s it for today, see you in the next beauty post !! A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

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