As I mentioned in the last blog, deep curly hair can be a great choice for your summer. We can do a lot of easy hairstyles, such as messy curly bun hair, messy pigtails hair, top knot hair and special ponytail. Real cute and easy to do.let’s get started!

Messy curly bun

Pull all of the hair to the front, leaving the front piece that you are gonna to use in the following step. While you hold your ponytail, you can pull the side pieces out to create a messy style. Then use the virgin hair band to tie around twice. Adjust the curl you left out to make the style look more natural, use the bobby pins to pin the left curls where you want it is. Apply some water or hair gel to make your hair sideburns curl up. And smooth the baby hair and have it styled.

Messy pigtails

Divide your hair from the middle of your head, and use the comb to detangle the hair. Wrap the hair tie on the one side hair twice, and on the last time, you can stop it halfway through, and go around again. And, use the finger to pull the hair a little bit out to make the pigtail much loose. Then repeat the same process on the other side. When you finish two pigtails, you may pull some curls out, and use the bobby pins to secure the curl. And if you don’t like there is too much gap, you also can use the bobby pins to make them stay close.


Pull all of your hair up in a ponytail with a hair band. And hold the ponytail, split it right down the middle, and make a twist of the hair. Then wrap it around the holder. Secure the hair with bobby pins.

Pull all the hair together, tie the hair in a ponytail at the back. Then you can wear a hat! This step will make you look more casual and sporty! It also can help you to hide the flaw of the forehead, help you to get a more perfect outlook!

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