Hi Chics! Today I want to tell you about a light snack, super healthy and natural: Kubdu Biltong veal shavings, perfect to take with a salad or after a hard sport session in the gym to replenish forces.

Pure protein, with a delicious beef flavor, if you love to enjoy new gastronomic experiences I am sure that Biltong will charm you. These days after training I have been testing their different types of chips: marinated with Mediterranean spices, curry … And the truth I believe they are the perfect salty alternative to the typical protein shake, a healthy and nutritious snack. It is very versatile you can drink with a beer the end with the appetizer, what I like Kubdu Biltong, is that it gives flavor to many dishes and is a way to innovate a little in the kitchen with new flavors and products of great quality with An intense taste 🙂  And you? How would you take your chips? Thousands of kisses by Amanda Chic. A chic kiss;)

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