These are the wedding dresses with which you will sweep this 2018

Hello, my beautiful people! sure that many @ s you are wondering who is Gina Bacconi, well Gina Bacconi is a British brand founded in 1913 with more than 100 years in the market with elegant designs, a brand that has managed to evolve, with quality creations that have conquered the wardrobes of fashionistas at international level and that exhibits its collections in great fashion capitals and cities such as: Paris, Milan Dusseldorf, Oslo, Shanghai and Copenhagen. On the website of Gina Bacconi that I leave here, you can find elegant and sophisticated garments for special occasions, fashion dresses, party dresses and wedding dresses.

Today I show you a look with Ginna Bacconi dress, a chic and elegant design that favors and enhances the female figure, has a brocade with spectacular jewelry, I think it is a dress to be radiant and be the perfect guest to any wedding that we pose in the coming months.


Friend still do not know .. Where to buy the best online party dresses?

If you are looking like a crazy girl where to buy dresses online or where to buy Gina Bacconi dresses for special occasions, you can buy her dresses here in her online store, but you can also find items of this signature on the Amazon website here. In the next months I have a super special event and this is the dress that I have chosen for that occasion, I really like the fitting that it has and the detail of the bow and flared skirt is not spectacular? I hope you like my proposal, see you in the next post. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic.


Photos by Cloé

Vestido / dress : Gina Bacconi


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