For many people that have experience with plastic surgeries, botox treatment, laser, and light treatments, med spas are the best place to get them. Many of these people think having the procedure done in a medspa is better than a plastic surgery hospital or dermatology center.

The reason is that med spas use a holistic treatment approach. It is a perfect blend of medical procedures and a traditional spa experience. This is great because the medical part takes care of the lapses that the traditional spa approach cannot deal with and vice versa.

For more on why dealing with med spas is a great decision, you can visit:

One of the reasons many people visit this location in Las Vegas and many other places is to get a face-lift. The desire to look younger and more attractive is what drives them to do this for the most part.

We will discuss what you should not expect if you want to have this medical procedure in a medspa in Las Vegas. We also advise people that are not based or looking forward to having this experience in Las Vegas to keep reading. This is because the information shared here will equally prove helpful to them.

What Is a Face-Lift?

This is a surgical procedure that is aimed at making the patient look younger in terms of facial appearance. This cosmetic procedure achieves this by working extensively on the sagging feature of the jawline and cheeks skin.

This entails reducing the folds or sagging of this part of the face that becomes this way as people age. To do this, the flap on both sides is drawn back for a firmer look.

Furthermore, the facial contours are worked upon to present the desired youthful look. This happens by altering the tissues located under the skin during the surgical procedure. Finally, the professionals make sure the excess skin is done away with before stitching up the incision.

More often than not, platysmaplasty (which is neck-lift) is conducted as part of this surgical procedure. You should also know that rhytidectomy is the professional term for face-lift. For more information about the rhytidectomy procedure, you can read this.

What a Face-Lift Cannot Do

Many people have misconceptions about what a face-lift can offer them. They expect that certain about their appearance will be sorted out after the procedure. This is why you should get your facts straight before having this surgical procedure.

Also, you need to have it done in a medspa that has trained and capable professional(s). This is so that s/he will explain what you are to expect and conduct the procedure properly. Having established this, here are a few things a face-lift cannot help you achieve:

It Cannot Reduce or Eliminate Wrinkles or Fine Creases

Unfortunately, the belief that a face-lift will take care of the wrinkles and/or fine creases is one of the biggest misconceptions about this surgical procedure. You should know here and now that this is not what will happen.

You should seek treatment options like botox if this is what you aim to achieve. Although rhytidectomy helps achieve a younger facial appearance, it does not eliminate or reduce wrinkles or fine creases.

It Does Not Treat Damage from UV Rays

The sun emits something known as Ultra Violet rays. This emission can have adverse effects on the face and skin at large if there is excessive exposure. You should also know that some people are more vulnerable than others.

Well, some people think undergoing a face-lift will treat the damages caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. This is not true therefore you should seek other options if this is your intent.

Options like Fraxel and laser treatments can come in handy if you are trying to surgically treat sun-damaged skin. The whole point is getting your facts straight before deciding to have a face-lift.

One Face-Lift may not be Enough

The surgical process is very effective as it gives you a younger look. However, you should know that it is not magic. This simply means that the process takes time.

As a result, you might have to undergo the surgical procedure more than once to achieve the facial features that you desire. So, the notion that all it takes is one procedure is not always true.

Wrap Up

Finally, you should understand that it comes with some side effects however little. So, you should hear the professionals explain what you are to expect and think well before having the surgery.

Although side effects are expected, having the procedure done in a good med spa will help minimize the side effects. You can check Francesca’s Facelift in Las Vegas for more information on this subject.

We have discussed what you should not expect after a face-lift in this article and hope that you make informed decisions based on the details shared here.

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