If you do this treatment you will reduce centimeters and eliminate the limpidity to be ready for the bikini operation

 Hello my beauty! I think today I bring you the great discovery of the season in terms of beauty, and that is that I have tried Margarita Aburto‘s Sculptural Ice remodeling treatment, a treatment with a natural formula that we can add to our daily routine of skin care.

For those who do not know Sculptural ice, tell them that it is cold therapy or ice therapy that has been on the market for more than 30 years. It is about exposing certain areas of the body and face to the cold with a massage and a frozen lotion composed of a mixture of natural herbs that have beneficial properties for our skin: anti-inflammatory, toning and firming, among many others.

This treatment has become fashionable worldwide, the owner and creator :  Margarita Aburto has managed to expand this technique of Sculptural Massage to countries such as the United States etcetera, where treatment has been widely accepted. Notice if it is such a success that yan have opened more than 40 centers in places like Los Angeles, California, and the product is distributed in Argentina, Brazil, Cnada, Portugal, France, Italy ..

How to eliminate the double chin?

That I have wondered for a long time if it was possible to find a beauty treatment that manages to eliminate the double chin, well after the first application of Sculptural Ice, goodbye gill, goodbye cellulite and farewell goodbye. In addition to reducing some centimeters the skin improves its appearance remarkably, the result is obvious. I can not be happier with this treatment, and that’s why I already told you on social networks that I had something super new to share with you that has completely changed my skin. For those who are asking me where to find it here in Spain, tell you that you can find it in Comercial Elena (your distributor in Spain), and buy directly online on this web page that I leave here. For my Mexican and US followers you can find it on their page Margarita Aburto http://margaritaaburto.com.mx/. I hope my post was useful today, do not miss the video with a small demonstration with the product. See you in the next post with many new features and that important project that I had to tell you. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic



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