Hello Beauties !! The long hair is very fragile and usually breaks easily and becomes tangled a lot. Today I want to share with you one of my beauty secrets, the anti-pull brush created by the international stylist Michel Mercier, which you can find on the Free Farma website http://freefarma.com/producto/cepillo-antitirones-femenino-cabello -normal/

This brush can be used both with wet hair or dry hair, it unravels quickly without jerks, reduces hair loss and provides a pleasurable massage on the scalp. You know that it is very important to disperse the pressure on the hair during brushing, and with Michel Mercier’s anti-stress brush I get it. I has been using it  a few weeks and I even noticed that my hair has grown a little, I think it is also a very important part for the hair to grow strong and healthy 🙂 Have you tried a brush of this style? See you in the next beauty post. You can buy Michel Mercier’s anti-stress brush on the Free Farma website http://freefarma.com/ See you in the next post. A little kiss by Amanda Chic. A chic kiss;) 

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