Hi my chics! As you know one of my daily goals in Amanda chic is bringing innovative products or incredible designs, as well as that you can live super special moments through my travels or events. That is why today I invite you to visit a super innovative website 58 products, I leave the link here https://www.58products.com/ in case you want to take a look. This site has several brands, but I’m going to talk about it today, it’s Tassen, who has beautiful 3D dishes with some very nice designs, I think it’s perfect for both kids and adults because they’re super cool 🙂

It’s amazing how an animation in 3 D can become a real-life object, that’s what the creators of Tassen have done. I seem authentic and as an image is always worth a thousand words I leave the photos of these preciosisades. Thousands of hugs and kisses !! A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

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