Staub cocotte: Zwilling

The iron casseroles are more fashionable than ever, by design, quality and durability. This sunday it’s time to cook  with my mom, it’s great to share these moments with the family, and experimenting in the kitchen with this cassserole of Staub that leaves a delicious flavor to food, perfect for preparing a healthy meal and tasty 🙂 The Staub cocotte casseroles are coated inside with black enamel with natural pigments, and keep heat well.

These casseroles are especially suitable for dietary kitchen, and I must say that I personally love it, because foods retain their flavor and nutritional qualities. They are perfect for low heat and cook in the oven. So here we go !!! to enjoy a delicious meal this Sunday. Bon Apettite !! A chic kiss;) by Amanda Chic

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