What if we started this post sweetening us a little bit? Jijiji …. Today I want to teach you a new discovery a monthly subscription box called Box from Japan that comes full of Japanese goodies, snacks and chocolates, a good way to discover the latest news from Japan and receive them at home in a fast way And simple. They can send you treats and even ramen, these boxes are made by their Japanese staff who selects their products with much pampering.

I love Box from Japan, because for me it’s a way to experiment and discover new flavors, it’s amazing the Japanese snacks the contrast they have, the look and what you expect to taste when you taste it, what taste will touch this time? Is always a surprise.

The shipment is free worldwide, it seems great, besides its page is in spanish and English. As you can see super packed with lots of snack products, treats and different flavors to discover the authenticity of Japan. If you want to know more about this box I leave your link for you to take a look https://boxfromjapan.com/ And I hope you tell me your experience. Thousands of kisses! A chic kiss;) by Amanda Chic

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