Do you need a break and disconnect completely from the daily routine? As you will remember some time ago I talked about some of my favorite places in Madrid, and these days I have been doing for you a gastro beauty route for one of my favorite spots, I know you have loved it because many have sent me emails and messages Asking about them, so I decided to make a post of each place by expanding the info a bit more.

When you enter  in The Organic Spa Madrid you are surrounded by a different charm to the rest of the SPA that you have visited. The atmosphere is so relaxing and the treatment is so exquisite that you do not want to leave this place. Nothing to do with the other centers of massages and urban spas, this is another thing. For me it is certainly one of the best organic spas in Europe .Last Wednesday after a busy morning working on new projects and attending press days in Madrid my body said stop, I needed a break, so I spent a little time in the r The Organic Spa. I was  relaxed with these magical hands, it is certainly a sanctuary of wellness, in a unique, elegant and exclusive environment to enjoy and relax with a wide range of Asian therapies. It is one of the reference sites of many it girls and celebrities both Spanish and foreign, I am assiduous and I can say that it is a true pleasure for the senses, so if you have an hour in Madrid do not hesitate to go there, they have a lot of treatments Of beauty, rituals, and in just a few minutes you are transported from Madrid to Thailand with their staff, without a doubt they are the best professionals.I  recommend you the detox treatments! They are great !!. I really like the fabulous treatment and they pamper you down to the smallest detail, plus the deco is beautiful. Are you coming to a real relaxing trip? I leave you a mini video and its website to see all its treatments and services A kiss, A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

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