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vaporizer , colloquially known as a vape, is a device used to vaporize substances for inhalation. Plant substances can be used, commonly  tobacco, or other herbs or blends of essential oils . A vaporizer is used to heat up herbs to the point when it releases its active components and produces vapor. The advantage over burning herbs is, that the material is not combusted and hence no smoke is produced and the generated vapor does not contain toxic particles, making the inhaling of the vapor much less hazard to the health of the user. One of the main benefits of using a vaporizer is that it is a much purer and healthier experience. Recently i discovered ismokefresh vaporizers.

In ismokefresh you can find all that you want from the Vaporizer’s world like rolling papers or bongs that are the device used for smoking various substances. A bong is filled with water which cools the smoke as it passes through. The bong was invented several thousand years ago in the middle east for smoking of tobacco, but has since become a popular method of smoking more recently.

The best part of ismokefresh is the  high-quality and earth-friendly products that improve your smoking experience. Thinking about the environment is essential as just a little input from everybody can help to save our planet. Our operations are built in accordance to this idea, they reuse the carton boxes and other paper accessories. We save the trees and urge you to do the same while enjoying the natural herbs of our mother-earth .


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Vaping has a number of advantages in compare to the traditional ways of smoking. It does not stink, hence you can smoke it basically anywhere. Moreover it does not tear your throat apart making the process more smooth and enjoyable. Some folks even find vaping to be stronger than getting a bong rib. Of course nothing can substitute the pleasure of good old joint, but hey, some sacrifices have to be made!

Either way, vapes conquered a solid position in the market of herbs. It is scientifically proved that the biggest harm of smoking is due to extremely heated smoke that comes into your lungs together with resins released during combustion. Vapes get cannabis bud or concentrate hot enough to release those good compounds that get you sailing, but not so hot the cannabis burns up into the smoke. The difference is obvious once you try it out, vape provides even smoother hit than huge bong filled with ice.

Once you decide that your lungs have to be treated better you will immediately ask yourself a question: which vape do I actually get? For the beginner, I would recommend something from Arise product range. 


I hope you like today’s post about this trend of vaporizer that are actually super top in the market industry. See you soon my beautiful people. Make sure to have a wonderful day! A chic kiss 😉 by Amanda chic 



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