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Hello, my beautiful people! There is a new generation of young designers that bring new airs to the world of fashion, and the one I’m talking about in this post is one of them. Alexander Yetman is a designer with a design studio in London and a very special talent, with really different and spectacular garments that any woman would want to have in her wardrobe. I personally love it, so today I talk about my new personal bet, the designs of Alexander Yetman.  


Elegant dresses and talented designers that you can not miss  


Alexander Yetman has created these spectacular designs that I show you in my post today. The dress is the Degas model, and is inspired by the Edgar Edgas Ballet paintings, but also this design is clearly influenced by Christobal Balenciaga and his use of legendary lace, with this veil covering the arms and shoulders as a devotion to women and its silhouette. The veil gives this dress a touch of mystery while accentuating the shoulder area, one of the most sensual in the female silhouette. The skirt of the dress is very sculptural, has a spectacular shape and is made with taffeta that gives movement and a unique finish.   The other look with a design with Alexander Yetman is that of the skirt, this skirt is inspired by the Victorian era, has a very nice and very discreet and elegant opening, I love the fall it has and the fabric. You can also see the touch or the influence of Spain in this design with that flamenco and romantic flair.   I hope you liked my post today. Do not lose sight of this designer with these designs that are conquered in London and part of the whole world. See you in the next post. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic 


Photos by Asunción 

Designs : Alexander Yetman, joyas /jewels: Artizan

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