Photos by Cloé

Dress : Veneno en la Piel , Sandals: Jessica Burman

In fashion, as in life it is important to make a difference, the collections of the Spanish brand Veneno en la Piel are handmade which makes my look today have a unique and different factor, no doubt this beautiful asymmetrical blue dress makes That you feel like a real princess. This is what I feel when I wear a design of Veneno en la piel, I feel elegant, sexy, female and super special. As many of you know from the beginning I am a real poison, una evenenada!!, a brand lover of Veneno en la Piel, I also know personally its creators, who are wonderful people with a great talent to which I admire 🙂 If you are looking for a look for a wedding, baptism, communion, graduation I recommend that you take a look at their website, the designs are spectacular and have incredible prices, I leave here the web . And do not forget also if you are going to give the if I want, because the collection of bride is a dream with super affordable prices, I leave here also the link for you to prove yourselves

The sandals that you see in the photos are of the signature Jessica Burman with which I have begun to collaborate, are they incredible? Soon I will show you more looks with them with jeans and other styles, they are super fashion. I leave the link here to his website have trend shoes.

Let’s rock the party !! Word of poison jejeje .. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic



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