Hello Beauties! I  wanted to share with you one of my beauty secrets: the detox strawberries and lemon juice, a great ally when it comes to taking care of my body and the health of my skin.

Those who follow me on my Snapchat (amandachic8) I have seen a lot of times, and I love strawberries with lemon. This skin detox juice is one of my favorites. For already half a year I take this smoothie  with strawberries and lemon and noticed that the skin has regained its natural radiance. This juice is my antioxidant, purifying and a great ally to eliminate toxins, has a lot of vitamins and minerals that benefit not only inside, but outside, looking after the health of my skin and my hair. It is great for a break or prepare something between meals, and take the chance to kill those cravings hehehe 🙂 I prepare in a few seconds, I mix squeezed lemon juice in blender with strawberries and presto! a fresh and super nutritious for these hot days in summer . I hope you liked my post , and remember that it is super important to eat well and have a balanced diet that will bring us all that our body needs according to our needs.

I send you a big hug, thanks for being there every day. See you in the next post and Snapchat amandachic 8 e @amandachic_official instagram (now instagram stories, you know you have to be everywhere lol; P). Kisses by Amanda Chic

A Chic kiss;)

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