Hello my beauties Do you know green coffee? Is the coffee in its pure state, ie it has not been roasted and has all its properties and active ingredients at 100%. Green coffee has many benefits for the body, as it helps to lose weight and eliminate accumulated fat (you know that you also have to eat a balanced diet and sports), have antioxidant properties and helps slow down aging. I would also emphasize its satiating effect, since it helps to calm the hunger and from the time I take it I feel less fatigued, I think it is an excellent source of energy for the organism.

I have just started to try it and I love it, I also learned that even in some aesthetic centers use the green coffee extract for its lipolytic and draining action, which attacks cellulite and fights the fat that accumulates in certain areas of the body.

You already know that I love to share with you my new discoveries, so I leave this info and impressions about the green coffee, as well as this link where you can buy it online if you feel like starting to try https://comprarcafeverde.es/. Thank you for being there every day. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

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