Hi my chics !! This weekend I have been answering some of your emails and many of you ask me where to buy beauty accessories, those essentials that we need for everyday, such as: hair brushes, hair tweezers, everything we would need to perform a manicure or Pedicure, and basic make-up as makeup removers …. so I decided to do this post to tell you about one of my reference stores: http://fussy.es/

In Fussy beauty care you can find all the products necessary to be chic and with a really incredible price. I recommend it also because they are reliable products of very good quality, the hair tweezers are great, and have a lot of models: straight-pointed, oblique or crab … for all tastes! Hehehe I hope this post is useful, in Fussy you can get your survival kit, you know take care and mimate. Thousands of hundreds of millions of … A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

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