Photos by Cloé

Top: Kepaza, skirt: kepaza, sandals : Wills and vegan shoes ,Handwel,: Yes i am bijoux , high heels sandals :racine carrée 

The asymmetric garments are trend this season as this look I teach you today with such a unique and special design of the Norwegian company Kepaza designed by Pernille Fristad, which has limited edition collections to ensure the quality of each piece. I really want to show you more creations of this brand that I love. As for the shoes I leave you two possibilities a more casual look with shoes from the vegan’s brand Will and vegans shoes or high heels of Racine Carrée. These Wills and vegan sandals are super comfortable, I’m using them daily with my looks and I love them, I leave the link to your page in case you want to have a look The new in this look comes from the hand of the jewelry brand from Yes i am bijoux that has created a handwel or an accessory for the palm of the hand, they  have a lot of models, I have the #bedifferent what do you think about it ? It’s super authentic! I hope you like this look, A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

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