Photos by CLoé

Tenis dress B3.0 active

Pants B3.0 active

top B3.0 active

watch: Nelton 

Hello lovely people!! If you like to be fashionable do not miss these proposals I bring you today to be in the gym  chic with style while training. Luckily today we have brands that bring innovative proposals as B3.0 Active with spectacular designs, and comfortable and high quality garments. So today I want to show you two total looks wearing B3.0 Active, a look for tennis and other fitness training look for both the gym and for outdoor sports. A  lifestyle brand, with elegant designs that are aimed at independent, strong and creative women. The watch that I show in the photos is  from Nelton, you know that with the discount code NELTON10 have a 10% discount on your shopping. What look do you prefer? Many kisses. By Amanda Chic. A chic kiss;)


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One thought on “Activewear & Workout Apparel with style B 3.0 Active

14 de October de 2016

Hello Dear! Your tennis dress is very pretty but those grey pants stole the show for me. The fit you so perfectly, I like especially how they look down between your legs. Would be amazing to see an open leg seated shot in them 😉 I enjoyed each picture of you in them one by one, having an amazing time with each 🙂 And then that beautiful, sexy butt finally finished me off, so much pleasure, dear!!! thank you for sharing these exciting shots! KissesnnAll Things Bright and Lovely

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