Sometimes our children just like things too much. Some are very fans of movies, while others just like superheroes or even supervillains. Whatever the case might be, there are occasions in which our children just want to be their admired heroes, and on some occasions, those heroes are military people.


From SWAT members to members of the special force, some children just like the idea of being one of those characters, with fake guns and everything. This might raise a moral dilemma for some parents: should I let my children be in contact which such things, considering their nature?


Before answering this question, we will showcase some of the most popular kids army costumes for sale coming from the hands of Kids Army.


Active Duty Soldier with Deployment Kit


The deployment kit is especially good for those who enjoy outside activities, and might even be great to purchase it for your kid if he wants to try out things like camping. It’s a good starting set since it has many things that a kid might be able to use during camping, such as:


  • A basic water canteen
  • A military backpack
  • A uniform
  • Military face paint
  • Protective helmet


Of course, you can add other things to the mix to improve the experience of your child, and if they really like it, you can consider getting current camping gear for them.


SWAT Member


This is especially good for those kids who just want to play with their friends, or enjoy a nice costume night. The simplicity of the set makes it a popular choice since it counts with a simple uniform, masks, and headgear. Perfect for playing capture the flag!


Simple Combat Kits V1 and V2


These are two in one. Very similar to each other, the combat kit provides enough firepower to bring down a squad by yourself, with toys and everything. The variations differ from their color, jacket, and headgear, with one coming with a cap and the other one with a helmet.


Besides that, they both come with grenade toys and war paint, to show their resilience, fury, and determination for success.

The Rambo Set


This one is really special. Having some similarities with the deployment set, this one has a chain of ammunition for the kid to pretty much become  Rambo  by himself or herself. It comes with a machine gun, a uniform, warpaint, and a bandana, the perfect gear for turning into the bravest of all warriors.


Creating the Perfect Spy Combo


If you become creative, and your kid likes the idea, you can get yourself all you need to create the perfect spy combo. A mask, balaclava, or mask gas are good things to have in mind, but there’s also the option of a night viewer. A dark uniform, of course, is absolutely needed, and if you add some gear, like a rifle, SMG, or pistol, you’ll be good to go.


Some extra points for you if you get yourself a plastic knife, a silenced pistol, and a smoke grenade. These are perfect for spies!


The Pilot’s Gamble


Not everything related to the army has to be linked to soldiers and guns. Some kids like the idea of turning themselves into pilots, and that’s absolutely ok. The flight suit costume is the perfect costume for them. Coming in 2 variations, you’ll be able to choose between a black or green uniform. It comes with really cool aviation glasses and the perfect dog tag.


Cool Bomber Costume


This one is really similar to the pilot one but cooler. Imagine your kid wearing really cool glasses, but with a leather jacket that screams “Hey, I fly a really big plane”. This one is rather cool in comparison to the previous option but might pass out as a biker’s costume as well if you are not careful. Still, if your kid likes it, there’s  nothing you can do about it.


Answering the Dilemma of Military Play


It has been proven that actually worrying about the effects of letting children play with their imagination and preventing them from doing so is a problem itself. A child understands very well that they are playing a fake game, but when their parents satirize these games, uncertainty grows in their mind, because for them, is nothing but a simple game.


Surprisingly enough, a child might be more mature than an adult when it comes to these things because they understand what they are doing very well: a harmless act. The same is for video games, although there are some types of games a child shouldn’t play, most video games are actually healthy for them.


This is due to the fact that they are more capable of discerning what’s bad and what’s good when it comes to these things than we might think, and although there might be conflict in those types of games, it teaches them to deal with it in a healthy way, as well as their emotions and thoughts.


Parents might be overdramatic when it comes to military stuff or video games, but there’s always a better way to approach the experience, and that is teaching them how to react instead and act, instead of forbidding them from doing anything.


For example, here’s a list of healthy rules a parent can rely on when it comes to video games, and the same can be said about playing in general.


And when it comes to costumes and playing outside, we should try to support them as much as possible, let them enjoy their childhood, and get close to what they admire. To enhance their experience, always let them know all the options they have, and if you can afford them, make sure they get them.


Some parents make the mistake of picking their children’s costumes without asking them first, and this always ends up badly. Well, unless your kid chares similar tastes to you. By letting your kid choose the costume, you’ll teach him or her how to make decisions, and this is an important aspect of life. You also make sure that they broaden their minds to the options and hand, and actually think about what they like and dislike.


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