Hello Chics! I hope you are enjoying this weekend as I do. Today it’s Sunday relax, so I have written some beauty post like this  with a product that has revolutionized my life and I’ve been testing these weeks: The Magic pads, created by the renowned American stylist and makeup artist Rob Harmon.

The magic pad comprises pads that treat skin problems such as spots or aging.Las pads are designed to organically destroy all kinds of stains and tighten skin, shrink pores, exfoliate, tone, clarify and hydrate of a quickly with a single application.

 My face is radiant, and has been very curious because I have noticed not only me, but my friends asked me all the time what are you using? Your skin looks much better in recent weeks. This product is perfect to control acne, you clog pores progressively eliminating pimples. Honestly I am in love with this product! Do not know how I could spend all this time without him Doth not happen the same when you find these kinds of treatments that change your life? My skin is shiny and has recovered all its freshness, it’s 100% recommended.

The Magic Pads: https://www.themagicpads.com/

Well my loves, see you in the next beauty post. kiss Amanda Chic

A chic kiss 😉



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