One of the brands that I trust completely to my daily rituals of beauty and skin care is the Spanish brand Martiderm undoubtedly a reference brand in cosmetic dermatology, recognized by the medical and pharmaceutical sector. In Martiderm they are continuously innovating, and testing the effectiveness of their products containing a high concentration of active ingredients, with the tranquility that this gives, that are using a quality product in something as important as your skin.

My  sumer star products (I’m sure many of you use it 🙂 hehe):

Gel contour of eyes and lips is absorbed quickly and is ideal to take care of these sensitive areas. You have to apply it with circular movements in the area around the eyes and lips do massage from inside to outside. Reduces puffiness and dark circles, so this I especially great after a day of meetings and a lot of work to have a very moisturized face, reaffirmed, and that feeling of relaxation you get  from their active ingredients.

 – The moisturizing body lotion hidrafirming, I apply it daily in the gym after the shower to firm and repair the skin, it is easily absorbed and leaves my skin with a smooth texture.

– Purifying and regulatory Mask «Pure Mask»: if you have oily skin like me, I’m sure it will become your best ally, is sebum-regulating, reafirmate, purifies and cleanses the skin profundidas is spectacular as it reduces the size of the porous cleaning them and leaving a hydrated, smooth and glowing skin.

– Transdermal patches: they have natural ingredients that tone and firm the skin. It’s great for typical work situations in which you have to spend hours standing, since the first application legs regain their vitality to never stop! not stop and continue the normal rhythm of life.


Link to products:


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  1. mukhtar
    1 de agosto de 2016

    Attention skin care interested,nWith this natural way many skin problems experienced by a lot of people will be solved:nn1.⇥Celluliten2.⇥Toxins n3.⇥The need to go to a physical therapistn4.⇥Deep fatn5.⇥skin pressure and tension n6.⇥prominent outcropsn7.⇥Muscle tensionn8.⇥Lack of collagen productionn9.⇥Dryness and roughness of the skinnthis tool will solve all these problems, and as soon as you use it for the first time immediately you will notice amazing results two weeks later, more fascinating results will appear, and the beauty of this tool it’s very easy to use, as less extent you must use the tool for 5 to 10 minutes a day depending on treatment areas:n1.⇥Use it on the skin after you put natural oil or on damp skin.n2.⇥ Press on the tool for forming suction effect, and then put it on the skin and leave it, the skin will be suction.n3.⇥Move it on the skin without lifting it from the skin, this movement will massage the skin.nNow all that you need to do is to gate this tool and start to use it, don’t postpone solving your problems as you know if you don’t solve the problems it will not disappear, but it will grownHonestly, you know that you can’t handle the pain of not doing what is required as Dostoevsky saidn“What people fear most is to take a new step or saying a new word, but the real fear should be that if they do the opposite” n So in advance, congratulations for your healthy and beautiful skin :)nclick this link

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