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How to work out with style Dress Lily Activewear

How to work out with style Dress Lily Activewear

How to work out with style

 Photos by Cloé

Activewear : Dress lily 

Hi my chics !! Performing physical exercise is fundamental to improve and take care of our health at any age. When practical sport I feel better, I release stress and the truth is that I rests better :). So from here I encourage you to start practicing sports and to maintain physical activity as a part of your life and if you have children, it would be great if the sport is also part of the routine of the smallest in the house. Today I show you a perfect fitness look to go to the gym or do outdoor sports, you know that I love chic clothes, feel good and fit the body and are also super comfortable, this total look is Dress Lily , I leave the link in the header of this post.

I think that in how much you see how sports benefit our health you will get hooked, find out which activity suits you best, there are a lot of possibilities: zumba (if you like to dance), running or jogging, cross fit, swimming, Gap ... or just go running or walking. Start as soon as possible, you will see how happy and happy, when you do sport you release endorphins, you have a good vibe, your mood changes and that good feeling accompanies you all day I'm sure you will not regret it! :) And to be motivated to do a little exercise do not forget to see the fitness clothes of Lilly dress, I leave the link here are great !! . A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic


Os ánimo a pasaros por mi armario en, allí os encontraréis prendas de algunos de mis looks. Si estáis interesadas en alguna prenda que ha salido en el blog y no está en el armario, podéis enviarme un correo desde el formulario de contacto, tal vez haya una posibilidad de subirla al amario low cost de Amanda Chic.

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