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Amanda chic

Amanda chic

"Creative mind and founder of Amanda Chic" Influencer , fashion , travel and lifestyle blogger.



The cool selection from Femme Luxe (  cool month arriving luxe style)


Hi my beautiful people! Today i want to leave you my honest monthly review about Femme Luxe as I always do. You know that i really love the cutest clothes that they have with amazing affordable prices.

This store is literally GOALS for any fashion victim! I love enter in her site, cause every month they have the latest trends and celebrity styles there. All the girls that work there are such dolls and very lovely people! Make sure to follow them on Instagram! They always post  amazing outfit inspo! (The coolest thing is you can also order online!) I am always greeted when coming in and I also receive help being styled!!.I enjoy visiting this store because they always have new merchandise. The owner has such a distinct eye and brings in the most unique and stylish pieces. To cut to the chase this is always my number on place when finding any outfit for any occasion. 

Femme Luxe is proud to provide luxe clothing for less, delivering affordable, cutting-edge fashion. I really love this thing that they are committed to providing excellent service and they can assist you in any way with their customer service team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..Find the latest styles ladies clothing at affordable prices in their cheap online women's clothing store located in Manchester is very easy, you can shop in the Manchester store or online worlwide.This company is amazing! Where do I start their truly amazing their fabric is fantastic along with how well it fits. They never fail to disappoint I’ve been ordering all my summer outfits through FemmeLuxe and i have to say that they have a great customer service.


My fav pieces every month are the must haves that every girl need in her wardrobe like co ords,lounge wear sets ,ribbed lounge wear sets and knitted lounge wear sets. That pieces that save your day.


Favorite items from Femme luxe this month


Here i leave you my special selection from Femme Luxe as everymonth, i hope you like it. These are my femme luxe essential's of the month.


- Black Scarf Print Front Tie Co-ord - Shiloh: Do Co-ords the right way with this Black Scarf Print Front Tie Co-ord. I really fall in love with this classy printed front tie crop top and trousers co-ord is exactly what I need for this season. Team with perspex heels for a classy look or may be a flat shoes with jewelry details.

-Black Block One Shoulder Dress - Annalee :  this dress remind me a lot to the classy black and look runway styles .Get a unique look with our Black Block One Shoulder Dress. This gorj one shoulder, block colour design mini dress is what you've been looking for this summer parties that are coming. Team with perspex heels for a classy look or neon if you are looking for a trendy touch. 

- Black Sweetheart Neck Jumpsuit - Mila : We're in love with this Black Sweetheart Neck Jumpsuit! This jumpsuit is completed with a simple tie belt and the strapless sweetheart neckline is to die for, but i think this garment have something that makes me feel so chic and glamorous. Get that perfect sophisticated look by pairing with a pair of classy perspex heels or may be a flat sandals. Decide what you decide always choose the options that make you feel so comfy with the look and the style. I think this is one of the most important things.

- White One Shoulder Slinky Midi Dress - Dylan :  Get that luxe feeling  with this fabulous White One Shoulder Slinky Midi Dress. This gorj' slinky ruched material is certain to turn heads! Team this one should belted design with a pair of killer heels for a killer look. It looks so glamorous like a Greek god.


I hope you like the selection of this month. I really love Femme luxe cause every month i can find cool clothing there . Stay tuned to Amanda chic, soon i'm going to show you a very special project ( something i always dream about it, so i'm so excited but it's top secret righ now :) ). See you in the next post. A chic kiss ;) by Amanda chic. 



Luxury Italian handbags in a throw away world


For most of us life is definitely more stressful now than it’s ever been. Financial commitments are much higher, the workplace is so much more competitive and now we have social media where everybody else seems to be having a better time than you. They’re not of course, it’s mainly an illusion as you are only getting a snapshot of other peoples best bits. This false perception only adds to the pressure so now you find yourself working harder than ever so that you can afford to keep up with everyone else.


I guess this built in competitiveness is just human nature but this can be unhealthy for you without having some kind of release valve. This is why we all spend a lot more now on our precious leisure time.


For many of us part of the enjoyment is planning for that night out with friends or that party you’ve been invited to. This is a chance to discard those boring work clothes you’ve been wearing all week and put on something more stylish, colourful and maybe a little sparkly.  This can often result in a shopping trip to get a new outfit. Now I know we live in a throw away world where you can buy an outfit at a cheap price and then discard it after you’ve worn it a couple of times but many women now are starting to buck this trend as it is so environmentally damaging and are now steering away from this modern ethos. Why not be more creative and utilize and embellish pieces that you already have in your wardrobe and maybe be a little more discerning about what you buy and consider pay a bit more for an outfit that will last. You really can have a lot of fun mixing and matching outfits and accessories them in different ways.


Key to accessorising is your choice of handbag. This is something that will definitely enhance your outfit especially if you’re looking to add a pop of colour. It is tempting to buy a budget bag and save yourself some money but this really can be false economy. The quality is usually pretty poor and it may quickly show signs of wear. Much better to pay a little more and get something that will last more than one season and you know, there’s something really pleasurable about owning and using a luxury leather handbag.



This is especially the case if you were to choose a bag that is Made in Italy. This is a country renowned throughout the world for their effortless elegance and sense of style. They are also famous for their leather manufacturing, an industry made up very many small family run businesses who have for generations used their ancient techniques to handcraft their bags. The quality is enhanced by the leathers they use which are mostly tanned with environmentally friendly vegetable dyes.


When it comes to choosing the style of the bag, that is of course down to the individual. However if this is for a special occasion or a night out, then surely a slouchy hobo or large bucket bag is out of the question. What you need is something much more stylish and elegant, a smaller structured bag. After all you will only be carrying a few essentials like a phone, money purse and make up. For instance, how about this stunning little grab by Stefano Turco. The pink would work perfectly as an accent colour against a dark dress for instance and the bag comes complete with a chunky chain handle to give it bling.



If you’re planning to go to a very dressy event such as a cocktail party, you may want to consider this little clutch bag  by the Italian brand Anna Cecere. This jeweled leopard pattern evening bag would be perfect with that little black dress.



For something a little less formal but absolutely bang on trend for this season is this cute Arcadia Elise straw grab bag in white. Straw and rattan bags are the must have style at the moment and would complement your summer outfit perfectly. It is also available in red and black.


Choosing a strong accent colour is not for everyone but it’s a great way of making a real statement and getting noticed. For instance this purple Veneziano grab bag by Pratesi would look stunning with a white outfit. Pratesi really do make bags of the highest quality and this one comes with a really useful LED light inside.

This is just a small collection of Italian classics that you can use season after season. The perfect antidote to throw away fashion.

The best option for a vacation of total disconnection in Tenerife in Hotel Puerto de la Cruz



Hello, my beautiful people! As you have seen through social networks, these days I have been in Tenerife and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, without a doubt a destination to return to! :) Tenerife Norte is the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries, it also has a lot of activities to do, we went on a trip to Teide (I recommend you go up to the cable car, the views are incredible) and to Loro Park, we were also giving a walk and discover charming corners of the island. We stayed at the Hotel Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife North, a hotel belonging to the prestigious chain PY hotels with views of the sea and Mount Teide and located in the Residencial La Paz area, a very quiet area.


The Hotel Puerto de la Cruz is located near of the center of Puerto de la Cruz and Lake Martiánez, a saltwater lake facing the ocean. It is a very well located hotel with nice views of Mount Teide. I recommend if you stay where you go to the seventh floor to see a sunset is amazing !.

The hotel has a buffet restaurant where you can eat great, they have a wide variety of menus and make theme days with international cuisine (Asian, Mexican ...). Every day there is a show and live music in its bar, where we have had a great time, one of the shows that I liked the most is the acrobatic one.

They have several swimming pools among which is a children's pool for the little ones. Hotel Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife North is a hotel highly recommended to go with family, since they have entertainment and activities for the kids, I went with my godson and I had a great time.

The decor is modern and chic and as I was commenting it's a hotel super well located, because it is 1 hour by car from Teide with its famous volcano and 30 minutes by car from Tenerife North Airport. The hotel also has a tennis court and private parking.


In Tenerife North, Hotel Puerto de la Cruz is the best option


 Would you recommend Hotel Puerto de la Cruz? Well my answer is yes, from the reception they make to their guests with a welcome drink and a lot of kindness at all times (their staff is very friendly and charming all the time), to the location, as it is a very central and comfortable hotel . They also have a bus that takes you to the mall with several frequencies throughout the day.

Do you want to enjoy a vacation and an unforgettable experience in paradise? In #tenerifenorte in the #hotelpuertodelacruztu you can also with my promotional code: SUMMERCHIC, you can take advantage of this promotion.
Code valid on the following dates:
05/07/2019 - 07/31/2019
01/09/2019 - 10/15/2019
01/11/2019 - 12/27/2019
02/01/2020 - 02/14/2020
02/23/2020 - 04/30/2020
(valid for those dates, the high season dates such as Easter, Oktoberfest, Christmas and end of the year are not valid, the dates that can be are well indicated above)


Thanks for everything to Puerto de la Cruz Hotel, Py hotels for this amazing experience :).  I leave you a video with the experience and so you can see more about the hotel. See you soon with many more news. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

We all know that being more active is better for us than sitting around the house like a sloth. We learn this stuff when we’re young kids in school, yet pretty much all of us, at one time or another, has slacked off on our physical health and fitness. Within the society in which we’re comfortably ingrained, it’s very easy to sit around and let our fitness levels drop to a laughable level. On the whole, it’s an okay state to be in as we don’t have to worry about hunting and gathering in order to stay alive! But idling in such a lethargic state can sometimes affect us more negatively than we’d like. 


If you’re someone that isn’t the most active person in the world, then it can be quite annoying seeing super active people talking about how great it is to be on the move all of the time. Whilst it’s somewhat painful to have to listen to at times, you may want to take their advice – because they’re absolutely correct in what they’re saying. Sure, it may come across as though they think they’re better than those who do not exercise, but that’s not likely to be the case.


Being a more active individual can positively affect your life physically, mentally and socially. We all like lazing around and being in our comfort zones, but getting out there are increasing your heart rate may change your life. Let’s quickly go through a few ways becoming a fitter person may enhance your existence. 


You’ll Become More Athletic 


Obviously, as you become a more active person, you’re going to be burning more calories whilst your muscles will become more adept at certain things. It feels good knowing that you’re a human being that is able to travel long distances without getting tired, or that you can lift heavier object than you ever thought you would. Being athletic, of course, isn’t what everyone aspires to be – and that’s cool, but there may be times in life where your body is needed, and it’s a good idea to be generally fitter so that you can get through them. 


Your Mental Health Can Improve Massively


In recent years, society has embraced just how important mental health is to each and every one of us. We’ve gone from being a community that says ‘just get over it’ and ‘man up’ to one that takes time to understand and shows heaps of support. With that said, we’ve learned about a bunch of ways our health upstairs can be aided – one of those being regular exercise. When you idle around your house for too long, the lethargy affects you mentally. You also have a lot of time to sit and think about stuff, and that doesn’t do a large amount of people any good. When you get the blood pumping, your brain naturally releases endorphins that give out a feeling of happiness, confidence and general positivity. It’s a phenomenal and beautiful piece of science. You won’t be one-hundred percent healed, but being more active and embracing a lifestyle of fitness will combat negative things going on in your thinking box.   


You Can Launch A Career 


There are so many jobs and opportunities around the fitness world that you have a plethora of ways to go should you want a new start in life. If all you’ve ever done occupationally is sit around in an office or graft in a warehouse, then the idea of exercising with a smile on your face for a living can seem alien – but it’s absolutely a real thing! Want to work in a gym helping people reach fitness goals? You work towards a fitness instructor – you can even become an online personal trainer if you wish to reach clients from all over. Perhaps you’d like to coach teams or fix how they eat – there’s plenty of room for that, too. If you become good at a certain activity or sport, then you could even become a professional in it.                                                                                                                                                           


Improved Social Life 


As we mentioned before, your confidence can skyrocket when you’re more active. When you’re feeling confident, you’re able to open up a dialogue with people much easier. Let’s say you sign up to a gym, start building up some self-esteem and someone starts chatting with you – it’s going to be much smoother than if you’re low and sluggish, isn’t it? Joining specific sports clubs also benefits you socially as you’ll be with people a lot more. Furthermore, with the added confidence about you, your personal life in terms of potential relationships can improve massively – there’s no need to explain why that’s positive. 


You May Become More Disciplined


We all need it. Whether it’s a matter of self-control or whether it’s our behavior around others. When we improve our bodies and minds, we want to continue to do so. When we’re presented with terrible options like bad foods and questionable decisions, we’ll often turn them down for more sensible things. In terms of the way we treat others, martial arts classes are big into discipline and good behavior. 


 Where to find cool clothing online. Girl merry



Girlmerry is a leading international online fashion clothing wholesale store where i always find wholesale dresses and cheap sexy dresses to go out at night . Focusing on the very latest in affordable fashion style, they always have thousands of the latest in chic product lines, to give maximum choice, my friends have different styles an we all find clothes for all of us. Moreover all their items are high quality, trendy fashion clothing – not only at the lowest prices.

If this weather continues in Galicia, we may have to wait for our summer hols before we can *truly* indulge, but before we step foot on that plane we can have a lot of fun conjuring up visions of our new season aesthetic.

The sun is shining and it's practically 17 degrees out, so it's obviously time to start stocking up on heavenly summer dresses. The Girl merry clothing has just launched and it's an absolute dream. It is ultimate French girl chic and many different styles, with soft flowing fabrics, fine straps, bold shades, sublime detailing. I think that we are gonna immediately desperate to fill our wardrobes with every single piece and wear them constantly until September :)

So which #lewks are going to prevail?

Scroll down to discover what we'll all be wearing this summer...


Toda i show you some items from Girlmerry, one of my latest discoveries and an affordable chic  shop online , where you can find many cool items to combine with effortless elegance in everything from Women's Dresses, Intimate Lingerie, Tops, Pants , Swimwear and other accessories. I think they have all the items that a girl wants.




The 2 things we'll all be wearing this season now that summer has *finally* arrived

(touch wood)




 These month i choose these two looks from Girl Merry that can do a great outfit for any occasion this summer , the sexy stylish snake printed V-neck long-sleeve high stretch jumpsuit with belt  and the stylish printed U-neck mesh sleeve splice short top. Both are garments that really make the difference and  it has an special touch.

The style to choose? It's really up to you, with all manner of cool  clothing hitting the trend-nail on the head.


I hope you like today's post and you can get some inspiration for your daily looks. Thank you so much for being here everyday. Make sure to have a wonderful day babes! A chic kiss ;) by Amanda chic.







Hi my beautiful people!Once upon a time there were fashion clothing items for every occasion and a fashion paradise shop online called Amiclubwear where i always find all that i need for my everyday closet..

This month i think you really love the items that i selected from Amiclubwear. Today i want to show you my monthly selection from Amiclubwear, i really love the new clothing that has arrived. 

This Plum White Strapless Bandage Knee Length Dress perfecto to wear on a night out to the club!. I love the  bandage, two-tone, strapless, sweetheart neckline, clasp detailing, ruffle hemline, and back zip closure , it has amazing details that really makes the difference.  I combined it with White Single Soles High Heels Faux Suede A two tone could never go wrong! i really fall in love with this combinations.

Another favorites of the month is the  Brown White Polka Dot Printed Casual Jumpsuit, a polka dot printed design, sleeveless, front pockets, matching belt, inner lining not included; followed by a semi-fitted wear. it has a spandex fabric that makes you feel comfortable while you are wearing it . I combined it with a pair of  Black Criss Cross Slip On High Heels .Pair these cuties with  the jumpsuit with a criss cross designs. I think i'm gonna take advantage in all my looks with this comfy shoes, as all the looks from Amiclubwear .



You will rock this summer with Amiclubwear new clothing


 I recommend that always wear that clothing which makes you feel comfy and stylish at the same time. I love Amiclubwear dresses cause their designs are super cute and trendy and i really love that they are very similar to the dresses of the actresses and celebrities that i follow like the Kardashian's sisters, Sélena Gómez or the influencers and instagramers of the moment. 

The season's biggest trends? i always find all on Ami! I hope you like today's post. I see you in the next post. I have many news and cool projects to tell you, please stay tuned to to know all first hand. A very special travel is going to happen in the next months, i always dream to travel there and i think i'm still dreaming, i'ts going to be epic babes! 


I really love the new summer clothing from Amiclubwear, i think they have plenty of options from daily life looks to special or party occasions. I hope you like today's post and find some inspiration.  My beautiful people stay tuned, soon you will get more news and cool projects that are coming in the following months .A chic kiss ;) by Amanda chic .



Photos by Asun

look 1


Best Beauty Devices to Help Solve Your Skin Care - Sunmay


Hi my beautiful people! Today i want to talk you to one of my great beauty discoveries in the beauty world, the Sunmay eye massager.

Sunmay Rose Gold Sonic Care Eye Massager  helps to eliminate eye bags, dark circles, fine lines or wrinkles. It can also improve blood supply around the eyes, improve circulation of aqueous humor, adjust eye pressure, relieve eye fatigue, effectively eliminate eye swelling, minimize fine lines and eliminate bacterial plaque, etc. Isn't great? i think it's a really good beauty discovery.

Sunmay Eye Massager can reach the deepest layers of the skin and invigorate skin cells and promotes the natural synthesis of collagen that causes wrinkles to be prevented. Make skin care products maximize absorption through the skin.

Very safe to use on the skin. It can also be worn on the forehead and forehead. Easy to use, take suitable products for the care of the skin of the Ministry of eyes and caress the wrinkles around the eyes, massage gently, let the essence penetrate the deep skin.

42 ℃ Heat treatment stimulates skin cells through massage, blocks moisture, improves blood circulation and revives eye fatigu



Professional Tools and Devices for Skin Care - Anti-Aging Solutions ...


This professional tool that you can have at home its super great! cause it's easy to use and it has a Sonic Vibration Massage with Blue Wave that makes your skin getting better and better.

The massager can reach the deep layers of the skin and invigorates your skin cells and promotes the natural synthesis of collagen that makes wrinkles thwart. Make skin care products maximize the absorption through the skin

This item adopts high vibration technology and heating technology, it does make your eye cream absorb a little better. Massage and relax the eye muscles. Help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, relieves dark circles, eye pain and swelling around the eyes. Improve the blood flow. Relax and help you sleep better.The eye massager needs long-term use, can alleviate and repair eye skin problems.


I hope you like today's post and it can be useful. I 'm always searching for new beauty tools and treatments to show you , beauty is one of my fav things in the world together with the travels, fashion and experiences subjects. Here is your discount code: if you want to buy it. Stay tuned to Amanda chic cause i have a big surprise for all of you my beautiful people! A chic kiss ;) By Amanda chic 

 Best shoes online store in the world . Ego shoes


Hi my beautiful people !! Shoes are definitely the most important thing in any outfit. If they are not cool enough, they can destroy your look . Another important thing is the fact that shoes must to be comfortable even high heels, if you buy in the right place you can be well empower with high heels and being comfortable at the same time. If the shoes are not comfortable enough you will be in pain all the times that you wear it .Today i want to talk you about Ego shoes, a cool brand that i discover a couple  of months ago and where you can find the best shoes you can imagine, with true to size and  the models are definitely next level and unreal, it looks like they are your dream shoes, sexy as hell and my go to every time!!.

Ego EGO is an online, trend-led sassy footwear brand representing a movement of stylish shoeaholics from around the globe. I always find there the perfect pair to get fierce styles and the last shoe trends. This brand is the world of shoes , full of styles and trends. You can get the latest must-have kicks hot off the catwalk, these models which you are obsessed and over hundreds of new in styles every single week. From the hottest over the knee boots, to killer heels . You can get every style, colour and material to suit your individual style and help you create your own EGO ;).

Ego shoes are based in the UK but they ship to to all countries around the globe, so you can keep your shoe game sassin' no matter where you live, isn't it amazing? . So put your best foot forward and join the #EGOSquad today honey. I'm a new member of her Ego squad cause they cool designs driving me crazy and i'm an inconditional fan and brand lover.


My favorite shoes in the world " Ego squad is the new black"


SHOES SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, SO MAKE YOURSELF HEARD. I love the idea of having the shoes straight from the catwalk and into my cart. Ego is the best place to find the hottest shoe trends as soon as they land in the earth :), the one stop destination for all my shoedrobe updates every month .

 I hope you like today's post and it can be useful in your search of the right shoes and that dream models or pairs.I always love to share with you guys the latest tips and amazing things that i'm discovering, cause i think that i we share things and help each other the world can be a better world, and we can do the best, you know girls that help each other are a great human being. And you  ? Do you want to join me in the #egoquad? Stay tuned to Amanda chic cause i will show you more models soon from Ego . Make sure to have a wonderful day! A chic kiss ;) by Amanda chic.

What characteristics should have the best suitcases to travel? More than 5 characteristics



  Hello, my beautiful people! Have you ever wondered what drives us to travel? They say that travel feeds the soul. If someone told us everything we are going to live with just making the decision to travel, we would not have believed it. Traveling you learn to flow to enjoy the surprises of destiny. Traveling I learned that a good landscape is enough to make a memory unforgettable :) Traveling is discovering new places, cultures, makes you more tolerant and makes you grow as a person ... but would you know which suitcase to choose and which one is the best according to your needs?. Not all types of suitcases are the same, so today I want to talk to you about this special post with Delsey suitcases, a suitcase firm with a very chic French design and with more than 70 years in the international market.  


How is the ideal suitcase? travel tips  


There are many types of suitcases of different sizes to travel by plane, so today I show you three types of Delsey suitcases of different sizes for short trips or long trips. The ideal suitcase will be the one that suits all types of trips and your needs, it is not the same as an express weekend trip to go 3 weeks to a specific destination. In any case, I leave you with a list of features for which I choose Delsey for my trips: robust suitcases are shockproof, are easy to transport and have a great capacity, are some suitcases with a very chic design (Unmistakable French Design ) and last but not least, its ZIP SECURITECH® security closure with a zipper 41 times stronger (in terms of security it is better than I have tested so far).


If you are looking for a brand of reliable luggage to travel quietly without problems or worries, I recommend Delsey, is a brand with many in the market of experience that guarantee your safety, resistance and comfort. And finally a tip, if you want to store Delsey bags of different sizes in the storage room and you do not have much space, my personal recommendation is that you keep them as the classic Russian Matryoshka dolls, one inside the other to avoid occupying too much space.   According to a recent study, traveling makes us happy :) and you, where do you go in the next months? See you soon with many new features. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic.

Hi my beautiful people! Today i want to leave you my monthly selection of cool femme luxe clothing, as you know i really love this site where i always can find timeless designs, sophisticated pieces and luxe dresses well as the latest trends and celebrity dresses.

Is anyone bored of trying to find the best fashion clothing online and always get the same clothes? this is why i love Femme Luxe, cause i can get the instagram clothing that it's the most top in that moment. The co ords  are perfect for daily life, you can use it in every occasion and if you are looking for mini dresses or midi dresses, femme luxe is the best place to find it. A friend of mine show me a cool knitted lounge wear sets that she find on her site and you really gonna love it peep.



 My monthly selection from Femme Luxe



 Festival seasons has started internationally (as Coachella to mention one of them) and in my country, so i try to get a lot of comfy looks and the latest trends that we will be wearing this summer, as well as clothes for special occasions. I want to show you that kind of clothing to dress to impress and latest collection to be stylish and glamorous. So ... are you ready guys? Let's start with my monthly selection from Femme Luxe as all the months:

 - white wrap dress - Kimberly : Looking for that effortless day drinks to going out dress or party night? In summer there are a lot of Parties with white theme, so i think to have a white dress is all a must have in any wardrobe during the summer season. I feel so obsessed over this white Ruched Slinky Wrap Dress! Featuring ruched detail and a dropped hem at the back of the dress, i'd style this with a pair of cool and comfy high heels and a killer clutch for a fire look!  Are you ready for the party? ;)

- Blue Print Front Tie Playsuit - Rylie : The Blue Print Front Tie Playsuit its so cute!! You'll look hella cute in this Blue Print Front Tie Playsuit. With a bold pattern that is very trendy this season in the fashion world  and with a luxe satin material this playsuit can be teamed with classy heels for the perf'ect night out look.  I always find that kind of luxe styles on femmeluxe.

-Low V Neck Belted Utility Playsuit - Sutton: I fall in love with this piece cause it has an elegance glamorous touch perfect for any occasion, the Low V Neck Belted Playsuit is one of my favorites this month. This gorgeous low V neck playsuit comes with cargo style pockets and black belt. Team this with your favorite high heels or a slippers with a jewel touch for great night out look. 

- Red One Shoulder Midi Dress: I have to say that when i wear red color i feel so empowered , do you feel the same? i don't know why .... but i think this color really made my day, it can be improve any mood of the day. Pack your bags because with the red One Shoulder Midi Dress we are going to attend any cocktail and summer party and you can count on an unforgettable getaway! Red stretch knit sweeps across the shoulder to a single tank strap alongside notched arm openings, and a darted bodice... as you can see it's all about pretty details made with love. Fitted waist and bodycon skirt create a seductive finale and an elegance and female silhouette, complete with a slit at front ... it's really nice. I think you are goint to feel the same like me wearing this super dress. Another must have for summer nights and special occasions. 


And that's all for today guys. I hope you like this post which i do with much love. I like to leave you inspiration and looks proposals for every occasion and versatile pieces to wear from day to night , from casual moments or more formal moments. Thank you so much for being here every single day, soon i'm going to tell you more news . A chic kiss ;) by Amanda chic.
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