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Amanda Chic

Amanda Chic

"Creative mind and founder of Amanda Chic" Influencer , fashion , travel and lifestyle blogger.

Thursday, 16 March 2017 14:27

Off shoulder dress Decide

Photos by Cloe

dress: Decide , nails : nailgals, choker : happiness boutique , booties : joni shoes, bag : tofara


Hello everyone! My look today is trend this season, the velvet. With this off shoulder shoulders dress  perfect for a special occasion of the brand Decide. If you are looking for dresses and clothes of the most cute you can enter in its web As for the accessories a choker with blue stones of Happiness boutique, booties of the Spanish brand Joni shoes and nails from nailgals. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 18:27

DS3 Cabrio Chic & Único : DS Performance Line

Hello My chics !!

And today I continue with a new automotive experience with this cutting edge and stylish DS3 Cabrio. Undoubtedly, a chic car with a unique design with floating roof, and the shark spoiler that dynamizes the silhouette of the car, something that I find super attractive and why not say it? I think the DS3 looks great on me lol :)

As you see each day I get more accustomed to the driving of the automatic. The DS3 completely embodies the Parisian style, has a refined air and it's a car that while driving and you are in the passenger compartment, both driver and co-driver, you have a pleasant feeling of comfort and safety, which seems to me , this is very important.

I really like  DS and the fact of being able to personalize the car infinitely and make it yours, after all, is your vehicle that will accompany you during the most special and important moments of your life. It is amazing, the amount of possibilities and small nuances that you can include: bodywork, details on the outside, upholstery, tires ... it will be your car;)

The DS3 Cabrio has a tablet that allows you to easily access: GPS, radio, music, internet, connect your smartphone, and make adjustments and functions related to driving. .. Very important details in that make every trip in the DS3 Cabrio is comfortable.

I know what you are thinking convertible ... well yes, it is silent, it has a multi-layer insulating fabric that gives you a feeling of hyper comfort at the wheel, while with other cabrio cars you always hear some small sound, do not know if this happened to you? . Well this is all for today, I leave  you more details of the car with the photos and my video test car review, and see you in the next experience with the car's world ... Brum Brum A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 10:47

Kabuto Noodles, delicious and healthy choices

Hi my chics! Today I come with one of my foodie sections with the Kabuto Noodles. Noodles are a typical food of Japan, these Japanese noodles are a very healthy and practical option to always carry with you. They prepare quickly and have a high nutritional value Remember that you should not eliminate hydrates from your diet to lose weight, you have to eat varied and everything is necessary, in addition a pot of Kabuto Noodles has only about 300 kilocalories and has no gluten.

I have tried them and I love them! They are great because you heat them up with a little water in the micro and you have prepared a meal at the moment. In addition they have no colorants or preservatives, and they have all the intense flavor of Asia. As you can see on their page there are lots of different noodles, with vegetables, chicken, prawns, veal, red pepper, there is for every taste, with a super intense and authentic flavor.

If you are a fan of the noodles soups I am sure that  you will love Kabuto Noodles  , and you can find them in a lot of places like Tesco or Amazon. A quick and healthy option. See you in the next post. A chic kiss;)

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 10:26

The key is the parfum: Hanae Mori Paris

Onne of our best reading cards is without a doubt in many occasions the perfumes. Each fragrance has a value, no one better than ourselves to know which is that perfume that best represents our personality.

Today I want to tell you about the perfumes of the firm Hanae Mori Paris, with influences from East and West, Japanese tradition and haute couture, has fragrances marked by extreme femininity and magic. I have to say that I have loved these four that I have tried:

 -Butterfly Eau de Parfum: it has a super sweet odor to almonds and peonies with a touch of vanilla. I love the design of the bottle is super original and chic, everything is very careful.

- Hanae Eau de Parfum: it has an innocent and sensual touch at the same time with a delicious aroma of white cedar and sandalwood.


I have also received two perfumes of man, this time is very lucky my papi hahaha :). These are the perfumes:

 - Hm Eau de Parfum: an energizing and woody fragrance with a very soft touch to vanilla.
 - Him Eau de Parfum: a noble and elegant fragrance with a soft touch of cinnamon and white cedar .. the contrast is fascinating.


I hope you liked my post today, if you still do not know Hanae Mori Paris, I invite you to enter and discover all their perfumes here you have any special memories with a certain parfum? Thanks for stopping by the web every day. A million of ... A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

Monday, 20 February 2017 10:20

D'cirerol fashion and unique designs

Photos by CLoé

Total look : D'cirerol, bolso : Elle Tarplin , Gafas de sol : La Frida eyewear

Today I want to show you the designs of thebrand D'cirerol, founded in Mexico by Daniela Cirerol, with creations inspired by architecture, asymmetry and geometric figures. As you can see in my total look with shirt and skirt from D'cirerol, her designs are out of the ordinary, creating a new style that allows to express through her clothes our authenticity, with these unique creations and the vanguard of fashion. A full black shirt look with a few touches in white, combined with my Bang bag by Elle Tarplin and hand-painted sunglasses with an exclusive design by the Brazilian brand La Frida Eyewear. I hope you like my proposal , if you still do not know D'Cirerol, I invite you to immerse yourself in her universe on his website  A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic



Thursday, 16 February 2017 22:09

DS Performance Tour event and Remixance dress


 Photos by CLoé

Dress : Remixance, stilettos: Amiclubwear , bag : YSL, sunnies: lafrida eyewear

The occasion deserved it was one of those important events in my city, the closing of the DS Permonce Tour and for the occasion wear this amazing dress from the fashion brand Remixance. I think I got it right with my look, it was a success, as you can see it has an incredible design, very elegant and original, so soon became the protagonist of all looks. It is a dress that splits glamor, with a heart neckline and flowers on the shoulders that give a very flirty touch.

I leave here the link to the model dress Catalina de remixance, since many have asked me for private where you could get it.With the code Amandachic20 you can get a 20% off on

 From the event I told you that it was a luxury to enjoy Ds and some special models like DS5 hybrid 4 × 4, the DS4 crossback, the DS3 cabrio or the DS3 with the racing finish "ds perfomance". I love the finishes and their design, in addition all the models can be personalized in millions of ways, to make the car more yours, personal and exclusive. Simply pure French luxury! :)


Thanks to PSA Retail Vigo, DS Spain and especially to Daniel Martín for the invitation and the treatment received. All the Amanda chic team we wish you lots of luck in these new projects! A chic kiss;) by Amanda CHic


Thursday, 23 February 2017 10:00

Perriconemd the Plasma Essentials

Hello my beauties Today I want to tell you my experience with The Plasmas Essentials, the products of the firm Perriconemd, which is extraordinary for skin care. It has different products to solve the most common problems of the skin and attack and tackle all phases of aging. Here are the products I tried and my impressions:


- Blue Plasma: is a serum with peeling technology to remove dead skin cells, it contains hyaluronic acid that helps to hydrate the skin, softening the appearance of expression lines and visibly leaving the skin smoother, smooth and luminous.

- Hyalo Plasma: combines three forms of hyaluronic acid and distributes on the face a translucent film, visibly smooth, similar to glass. I really like the feeling because after applying it because it gives an extra dose of elasticity to the skin.

 - Photo plasma: oil free anti-aging moisturizing cream with sun protection. I like that it is super light, is not greasy or sticky, and is perfect to use daily because it is absorbed immediately.

 - Cold Plasma: it is perfect to combat the dryness in the skin, it improves its aspect nourishing and repairing in depth. I apply it in the morning at night with clean skin, this product certainly enhances the effect of the previous three.


I love this signature, I think it's a great find and I think it's highly recommended. I leave here the link to your website in case you want to take a look at Until the next post my beauties !! A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

Thursday, 16 February 2017 10:26

LBD dress and La frida eyewear

Photos by CLoe

Vestido: Beste shop, botas :Koi footwear , gafas de sol : La frida eyewear

Hello everyone! In a few hours I go to an important meeting for myself so wish me luck, it is something very special that I will tell you soon. Today I leave a look with a black dress super chic from beste shop. You know that I am one of those who think that a little black dress with a special touch can not be missing in the closet of any woman, and less in mine jejeje. This time I have combined it with a fashion glasses from the Brazilian brand La Frida eyewear, which has some authentic designs made in a traditional way, where each model is unique, since it is hand painted. As for the shoes, some booties in black cordoned to give an alternative and cane to the look, are koifootwear that many have asked me in my snapchat (amandachic8).

I hope you have a happy day and thanks for your visits! A chic kiss;)



Sunday, 19 February 2017 16:14

Box from Japan, Snack and Candy

What if we started this post sweetening us a little bit? Jijiji .... Today I want to teach you a new discovery a monthly subscription box called Box from Japan that comes full of Japanese goodies, snacks and chocolates, a good way to discover the latest news from Japan and receive them at home in a fast way And simple. They can send you treats and even ramen, these boxes are made by their Japanese staff who selects their products with much pampering.

I love Box from Japan, because for me it's a way to experiment and discover new flavors, it's amazing the Japanese snacks the contrast they have, the look and what you expect to taste when you taste it, what taste will touch this time? Is always a surprise.

The shipment is free worldwide, it seems great, besides its page is in spanish and English. As you can see super packed with lots of snack products, treats and different flavors to discover the authenticity of Japan. If you want to know more about this box I leave your link for you to take a look And I hope you tell me your experience. Thousands of kisses! A chic kiss;) by Amanda Chic

Friday, 17 February 2017 15:22

How to Have an Acne Free Face : AcnEase

Hello my beauties !! Today I want to tell you about something that can be useful for many of you who like me have acne problems or if you know someone who has acne stay reading, because I'm sure you'll be interested.

When I was a teenager I had quite a lot of acne, I imagine like everyone, but once I started adulthood the problem was still there, and I did not know how to act with it, I tried thousands of creams and treatments and natural remedies, and none worked Of it all or was good enough. A little over a month ago I met this AcneEase brand, I leave the link here in case you want to have a look AcnEase is the first clinically proven botanical supplement with a 96% effectiveness to eliminate acne symptoms, its ingredients are natural, and have a lot of products to naturally eliminate any type of acne in both men and women, with A patented combination of herbal extracts of the highest quality.

What seemed impossible, eliminate all those granites and minimize the pores I have achieved thanks to this product in only a week, that you have to be constant and not skip the shots. I liked it a lot because besides noting the softer skin without grains and the most minimized pores, AcnEase markedly improved the appearance of my skin and helps me to prevent the formation of new pimples and pimples.

I recommend you at least do the treatment for a month, but it all depends on your type of acne. If you have doubts I recommend that you contact your web site with Dr. Agnes, she and all her team of great professionals will solve all your doubts.

From my point of view AcnEase is a safe and natural acne treatment, without any toxicity. I also find it super reliable because it is clinically tested, it is a safe and effective product, it has a 96% effectiveness and its mixtures are protected with commercial botanical secrets. The results can be seen between a week and 10 days. This product you can use both men and women of different ages shades and skin types. It has no bad effects like sugar, gluten, sugar, phytoestrogens, chemicals. But above all what I like is that I do not dry or irritate my skin and there are no restrictions when it comes to sunbathing. What AcneEase is to break the cycle of acne.

I hope this post helps you, I am happy to be able to find products that really work and to be able to share with you this information that I hope will be useful. A super hug and thanks for being here every day. A chic kiss;)

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