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Tokyo treat, new box new surprises

Tokyo treat, new box new surprises

How to try the best snacks from japan

Hi my chics !! As every month I teach you the Tokyo Treat, with snacks, sweets and all the latest news from Japan. Here are the products that have arrived and my impressions:

 - Condensated milk choco anpam: it is a traditional Japanese cake with milk filling super light and delicious.

- Black Thunder Kinako flavor: a very tasty chocolate and rice galician

- Super Ottotto Savory, has soy salty is a snack with forms of sea creatures, for my taste is a little strong.

 - Sakupan choco Monaka, a panda snack with chocolate and light vanilla filling, I think super nice and looks great.

- Nakayoshi Neru Neru, is a sweet that you can prepare yourself with grape and strawberry flavor, I did not like it very much.

-New Years Facial Art Mask: A New Year's Mask, this box includes this beauty item, it's very good I liked it.

- Rich taste Calpis Soda, is a lactic acid of yogurt typical of Japan, has a very light flavor.

-Samurai japan chips: Each package these cheeses brings a chrome from a baseball player, they are great and the taste is light.

- Sour plum fortune candy: this is a lucky hehe, every sachet brings something sweet or agrío, depends on which you choose you will have a taste of another ... bets are accepted hahaha

- Pikachu gummmy, pikachu jelly beans

-Fizzy Soft candy stick, a sweet flavored with orange and lemon, a spectacular combination and a somewhat bittersweet flavor.

-Frog Family Gyummy, with grape and apple flavor, frog-shaped jelly beans

- Glico Cultured Butter Pretz: These butter-shaped snacks are addictive, I love them!

- Spokemon stick candy, some candy bars with orange flavor and soda.

-One piece chocolate wafer: a delicious chocolate with stickers of Japanese characters.

- Alfort chocolate biscuit: chocolate with vanilla butter cookies and the red is like something spicy but I have not identified the taste well.


I hope you liked my post today. I leave the link of Tokyo treat in case you want to take a look See you at the next gastro post. A chic kiss;) by Amanda Chic

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