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Choose the perfect shoes for your baby : Pisamonas

Choose the perfect shoes for your baby : Pisamonas


Hi babies !!When it comes to our baby every detail matters, even the footwear we choose for the smallest in the house. Finding quality children's footwear at a good price is not usually an easy task, you have to guarantee them comfort so they can enjoy their first steps, and also if they are trendy much better. This is one of the most special post since the beginning of the web, and my godson is one of the most important people in my life, barely a month, how can you want so much to such a tiny thing?  :).

As you can see Martín and I carry shoes from the online web where you can find shoes for babies, children and Moms, with some very cute designs, very good quality and at an incredible price. Pisamonas is a Spanish footwear company that has positioned itself as a benchmark in online children's shoes with innovative models, where you do not have to sacrifice quality or the price . I also like that not only have shoes for children, but also for mothers, who often do not have time to go shopping, and do not want to give up good quality with these footwear made in Spain. In Pisamonas you can find: sneakers, menorquinas, inglesitos, merceditas, dancers, nauticos, alpargatas, pisacacas ... You can buy them online at their website, or if you are in Madrid in your physical store, in Monasterio de Samos Street, 11, in Monte carmelo and has a wide opening schedule!   And this is all for today, as a picture is worth a thousand words I leave my photos with Martin, we had a great time together with the Amanda chic team. A chic kiss;) by Amanda chic

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Modificado: El Monday, 23 January 2017

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