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How to do Cheat Meals to lose weight or stay at a healthy weight

How to do Cheat Meals to lose weight or stay at a healthy weight

Best way to boost your metabolism and help you lose Weight

Hi my loves!! Today I want to speak about the famous Cheat Meal and my experience with it. A healthy diet improves our quality's life and makes us feel better about ourselves. Everything changes when we eat healthier, I notice it especially in areas such as skin, hair, even in the mood, when you eat healthy have more energy and vitality ... But ... infidelity is necessary! Hahaha.

Infidelity to healthy food once or twice a week is a good thing, because the body is used to receive that amount of calories, and eating something different accelerate your metabolism and have less anxiety and cravings. The cheat meal or cheat meal served to free the body and mind pressure always eat the same, break free a little routine, unable to fall into other temptations. If you make a week of strict and healthy diet, you deserve a reward for a well done work.

How long is the cheat meal? lasts exactly what lasts a meal, is not prolonged for hours, but we must also do it with moderation and measure. I will recommend you do in the company to enjoy more, the typical family meal or a dinner with friends. Kisses and see you in the next post !! By Amanda Chic


A chic kiss;)

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