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Random Madrid Restaurant and Club , The Hottest New Restaurant and club in Madrid

Random Madrid Restaurant and Club , The Hottest New Restaurant and club in Madrid

The Hottest New Restaurant and club in Madrid


Hi my chics !! Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite restaurants in Madrid, whenever I go through the capital I can not resist having a drink or eating in Random and very cool Restaurant and CLUB . I do not like repetitive sites,  I like to go to new places that really have something special, and Random Madrid is one of those places where you find everything, areas to: eat, have dinner, have a drink, creative food and all it's delicious!.

I love the treatment of their super professional and attentive staff. The space has a beautiful deco,  I would love to meet the person who design it because it is truly amazing! This is a really nice spot to enjoy and share a moment in good company in a very Chic environment.

  when you enter in Random you find The Garden, the terrace that is beautiful. Up the stairs is the Bistro area, then the camping (if you look at the deco of its structure looks like a chic and sophisticated camp), then to the bottom a beautiful area which is private to people who book it. I show you everything in the photos, where you can see that going down the stairs is the anonymous club, a secret gin club where you enter with a code, whenever I enter I have the feeling of being in the great gatsby. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays there are DJ sessions, it's great for an Afterwork.

 Everything is tasty in Random, I let myself always advise by its staff to try new things. In my last dinner there I eat the following: as starters bread varied with Greek yogurt, home made Boletus croquettes. You can not go without trying the   it Artichoke with Txangurro and carabinero sauce (it's another level of flavor! Lol, by the way is not called it artichoke that the affectionate nickname that I have put :)). As a first course i eat a rice of socarratm and second, I took a Sea bass with green sauce and socarrad of polenta, if you like the Sea bass here they prepare it great, the sauce is amazing and the way to prepare it is super orginal, with your eyes you would eat it. After all this ... well, yes, I made room for dessert, and its desserts are incredible! : A lemon cake and chopped chocolate and hazelnut cream. Everybody talks  very well about the carrot cake but I have not tried it yet, when I return, I will tell you

I hope you liked today's post, I want  to tell you that Random belongs to the group Le Cocó, among which are other restaurants like El Columpio or Le Cocó in Madrid, highly recommended as well.

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